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The Hybrid Select cushion from ROHO represents the pinnacle of hybrid cushion technology, offering unparalleled positioning, stability, and the versatility to offload pressure simply by removing the IT air insert. With the exclusive ISOFLO Memory Control, you can effortlessly find the perfect position for optimal immersion and skin protection, adjusting the air levels in the three separate ROHO compartments—the removable IT insert and the dual-zone overlay.

Key Benefits:

  1. Pelvic and Thigh Stability: The Hybrid Select stabilizes and maintains the position of your pelvis and thighs, promoting comfort and stability throughout use.

  2. Enhanced Pressure Relief: Crafted with a unique ROHO air cell design that complements the contours of the contoured foam base, the cushion delivers superior skin and soft tissue protection, with the option for offloading under the ischial tuberosities (ITs).

  3. Easy Setup: The Hybrid Select is designed for easy setup, ensuring hassle-free adjustment and customization to suit your individual needs.

Superior Seating with Hybrid Positioning:

The Hybrid Select's pelvic loading area adjusts dynamically to accommodate your unique shape, weight, and positional changes. Utilizing the innovative ISOFLO Memory Control, you can effortlessly find and set the ideal position every time. The cushion features a new ROHO cell design, increasing contact area and minimizing pressure points for enhanced comfort.

Unique Lateral Stability & Skin Protection:

Designed with a contoured foam base and high-resiliency foam, the Hybrid Select provides exceptional lateral stability and support. Deep leg troughs offer additional support, while a cutout provides relief to the coccyx/tailbone. Experience functional stability combined with superior skin and soft tissue protection, ensuring comfort and safety during prolonged use.

Optional Offloading for Added Comfort:

The Hybrid Select offers an exclusive optional offloading technique by removing the ischial tuberosities (IT) air insert. This feature provides flexibility and forgiveness, allowing for effortless adjustment to maintain the correct position.

ISOFLO Memory Control:

The exclusive ISOFLO Memory Control enables precise adjustment of the cushion's inflation levels for optimal immersion and skin protection. Conveniently located at the front of all Select Series cushions, the control is color-coded for easy use—green indicates open, while red indicates closed. With the ISOFLO Memory Control, you can customize the fit and make adjustments while seated, ensuring maximum comfort and support at all times.



After many years of over paying for wheelchairs and equipment, not to mention unsuitable scripting. I found Brendan and the crew at Surgical Engineering.
Their costs, scripting and service are second to none.
Thank you guys for the best fitting wheelchair I have ever had.


Best service, I'm very grateful to have an emergency repair performed quickly. The quality of your work is second to none. Would happily recommend to any wheelchair users who need repairs, servicing and parts :)


My sons wheelchair frame snapped clean in half with my son still in it. The guys from Surgical Engineering Australia stopped what they were doing and repaired it within 2 hours at a very reasonable rate. The wheelchair supplier however failed to return any of our three emergency calls.

Well done Brendan & team from Surgical Engineering Australia


I was going to play wheelchair rugby league state of origin and found cracks in my chair and I was flying out the next day Brendan and Jeremy did emergency repairs on it afterwork/after hours and got me and my brother to the game A+++ great company


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