Since 1970

Surgical Engineering has been a large presence in Brisbane and its surrounds. Today, under the new ownership of Brendan and his family, we proudly continue as a family-operated business. Brendan, a wheelchair user himself, brings a personal touch to our commitment. This firsthand experience ensures that our solutions are not just about quality equipment but also understanding and enhancing the lives of those with mobility challenges.


Surgical Engineering Australia, has been designing and manufacturing wheelchairs in Australia for over 35 years. We make everything from day wheelchairs to top of the range racers and handcycles. All chairs are custom-made and fitted to YOUR individual specifications and preferences.

What can you build?

We can build you a custom day chair from the ground up. Completely to your specifications.

We can build you a custom shower commodes and benches from the ground up. Completely to your specifications.

Wheelchair rugby, basketball, tennis, any sport you may play, we can build a sports chair to your desire. We also can do sports chair repairs, such a MIG/TIG welding repairs, caster repairs, etc.

get ready to

Revolutionise Your Ride

Bring your vision to life with our Custom Build service. We're here to turn your dream wheelchair into a reality.

Contact us

Let us know in the message section of what you'd like us to build.

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