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Introducing the JaXm8, designed to revolutionise your wheelchair maintenance experience. Simplicity meets functionality, allowing you to effortlessly clean, maintain, and swap your wheels—all while seated in your chair, without the need for assistance.

The JaXm8 is engineered for user-friendly operation, ensuring that wheelchair users can independently manage their wheel maintenance. Its intuitive design streamlines the process, empowering individuals to take control of their wheelchair upkeep with ease.

For those moments when assistance is required, the JaXm8 seamlessly accommodates caregivers and wheelchair maintenance professionals. With this versatile tool, your wheelchair can receive expert attention without the need to leave the comfort of your seat, ensuring both convenience and efficient care.



After many years of over paying for wheelchairs and equipment, not to mention unsuitable scripting. I found Brendan and the crew at Surgical Engineering.
Their costs, scripting and service are second to none.
Thank you guys for the best fitting wheelchair I have ever had.


Best service, I'm very grateful to have an emergency repair performed quickly. The quality of your work is second to none. Would happily recommend to any wheelchair users who need repairs, servicing and parts :)


My sons wheelchair frame snapped clean in half with my son still in it. The guys from Surgical Engineering Australia stopped what they were doing and repaired it within 2 hours at a very reasonable rate. The wheelchair supplier however failed to return any of our three emergency calls.

Well done Brendan & team from Surgical Engineering Australia


I was going to play wheelchair rugby league state of origin and found cracks in my chair and I was flying out the next day Brendan and Jeremy did emergency repairs on it afterwork/after hours and got me and my brother to the game A+++ great company


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