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Introducing the ROHO - AIRLITE® CUSHION

Comfort: Experience unparalleled comfort with the AirLITE® cushion. Combining a contoured, anatomical-shaped foam with a pre-set, sealed Air Flotation component, it enables users to sit comfortably for extended periods. AirLITE's advanced technology and design offer the comfort you desire along with the essential support you need.

Durability: Say goodbye to worn-out foam. While traditional foam cushions compress over time, the AirLITE cushion's pre-set, sealed Air Flotation component ensures lasting comfort and peace of mind, outperforming "just foam" alternatives.

Positioning: The contoured shape of the AirLITE cushion provides users with essential support for basic positioning requirements. Featuring leg (femur) troughs and an ischial well, it offers support for lower extremity control, stability, and comfort.

Simplicity: Enjoy hassle-free setup. With the pre-set Air Flotation component, simply place the AirLITE cushion in the wheelchair for instant comfort, improved alignment, and long-lasting durability. No adjustments needed.

Lightweight: Experience effortless mobility with the AirLITE cushion, weighing only 2.0 pounds (1kg). Compare this to alternative technologies weighing two to four times as much. A lightweight cushion makes propulsion and transportation of mobility systems easier.


  • Contoured Foam Base: Polyurethane Foam
  • Pre-Set, Sealed Air Cell: Polyurethane
  • Cover: Fluid-resistant polyurethane film laminated to 2-way stretch Polyester knit, with a non-skid bottom. Machine washable.
Width available 13" - 20" | 33cm - 51cm
Depth available 13" - 20" | 33cm - 51cm
Height Approximately 2" - 3.75" / 5cm - 9.5cm
Weight limit 136kg



After many years of over paying for wheelchairs and equipment, not to mention unsuitable scripting. I found Brendan and the crew at Surgical Engineering.
Their costs, scripting and service are second to none.
Thank you guys for the best fitting wheelchair I have ever had.


Best service, I'm very grateful to have an emergency repair performed quickly. The quality of your work is second to none. Would happily recommend to any wheelchair users who need repairs, servicing and parts :)


My sons wheelchair frame snapped clean in half with my son still in it. The guys from Surgical Engineering Australia stopped what they were doing and repaired it within 2 hours at a very reasonable rate. The wheelchair supplier however failed to return any of our three emergency calls.

Well done Brendan & team from Surgical Engineering Australia


I was going to play wheelchair rugby league state of origin and found cracks in my chair and I was flying out the next day Brendan and Jeremy did emergency repairs on it afterwork/after hours and got me and my brother to the game A+++ great company


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